Float Therapy

30-minute Float Session

Are you new to floating, or just need a quick get away? Get back to peace with a 30 minute introductory float session. It will leave you wanting more! Great for first time floaters. $45

60 or 90 Minute Float Session

Experience the therapeutic and relaxation benefits of floating! Float on 10 inches of body temperature water filled with over 1000 lbs of therapeutic grade magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salts).  $60/$90
(Membership pricing available)


30-minute Custom Relaxation Massage with Aromatherapy

Customize your 30 minute massage to reduce the tension, and stresses of everyday life. Aromatherapy included! For extra relaxation and relief, add on a float therapy session after your massage.!  $55 

30 or 60-minute Custom Deep Tissue Massage

Alleviate pain and muscle tension with this customized 30-minute massage.  Further soothe inflamed joints and muscles by adding a float therapy session!  $70/$110

Nimas Signature Massage: 60 or 90 Minute

 Our Signature Massage is designed for therapeutic muscle and tension relief, and relaxation. Includes a warm unipack for aching muscles, as well as a hydrating moisturizing hand and foot treatment. This customized experience will leave you relieved and feeling at peace! Enhance your massage by selecting an add on as you journey to a better you!  $85/$110 (Membership pricing available)

Holistic Massage: 60 or 90 Minutes

This clinical massage includes an assessment, along with multiple techniques customized to meet individual needs, and assist with specific physical ailments. Benefits patients with pain, fibromyalgia, and more! $95/$120

Prenatal Massage

Relieve stress and tension with this nurturing massage, that includes our moisturizing hand and foot treatment. Mothers-to-be will leave feeling relaxed, energized, and at peace!  $85


Cuppingssage combines the therapeutic touch of a clinical soft tissue massage, and cupping therapy to relieve blood stagnation in the muscle layer, allowing for increased blood flow to nourish the affected area. This massage is commonly used for pain related to conditions associated with the back and shoulder/s; however, it can be used on other parts of the body, such as the arm and leg and for certain types of tendonitis. $125

Couples Massage: 60 or 90 Minute

Romance is sharing a relaxation experience with the one you love!  Our signature massage for two including a complimentary hand and foot scrub!  $105 per person/$130 per person

90 Min Relaxation Hot Stone Massage

The ultimate relaxation experience.  This treatment includes hot stones and our moisturizing hand and foot treatment.  Designed for ultimate peace, relaxation, and revitalization. $130


Nimas Classic Facial

Renew your skin with our classic facial. This customized holistic experience includes the fundamentals of skincare with a cleanse, steam, exfoliation, extractions, a relaxing neck massage, and a moisturizing hand and foot treatment. $95


Add a hydro-microdermabrasion, chemical peel, or an oxygen treatment for additional benefits. 

Gentlemen's Facial

This customized facial meets the needs of all men. This facial is perfect for all skin types, as it balances, purifies and restores. Treatment includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and our moisturizing hand and foot treatment. $95

Royal Hydraworks Facial

Relax and enjoy this facial as we take you on a journey to a better you!  Featuring our 5-in-1 HydraWorks system. This is the perfect facial to prepare for a big event, and is great for all skin types.Improves blood circulation, enhances your complexion, and restores skin to the proper oxygen levels. It also can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and repair sun damage.


This  treatment uses water jets to achieve deep exfoliation, followed by an oxygen infusion to leave your skin glowing, bright and refreshed.  Our moisturizing hand and foot treatment included.  $135

Red Carpet Anti-Aging Facial

Personalized to repair damaged skin cells, lift and tighten skin while hydrating and reversing the hands of time. This facial features a collagen treatment to restore and firm the skin. A chemical peel add on is highly recommended to compliment this facial. $105

Detox Facial

Designed for acne prone skin.This facial thoroughly cleanses the skin to unblock follicles, eliminate bacteria, remove excess oils and purify skin cells.soothing charcoal mask is applied to aid in reducing congestion of your skin to restore its natural balance. $105

Oxygenation Facial

Put your best face forward! A cleansing targeting congested pores, and exfoliation of dead skin cells. The highlight of this facial is the direct application of a stream of high-pressurized oxygen, infused with botanical, vitamin, mineral and nutrient extracts.  Absorption of oxygen in the skin leaves the skin with a smoother, healthier glow, and an ageless look!  $105

On-The-Move Facial

Enjoy this 30 minute express skin boost! Your skin is cleansed, lightly exfoliated, and hydrated. Includes a moisturizing hand treatment (extractions not included). $55

Microdermabrasion Treatment

Choose water or diamond Microdermabrasion to uplift your skin. Treatment includes our signature exfoliating cleanse, Microdermabrasion, light extractions, and a healthy skin boost and moisturizer customized to for a better you! $100 (also available in a series of 3 treatments).

Body Treatments

Beautiful Back Treatment

The ultimate back facial including extractions, exfoliation and a hydrating treatment for a brilliant beautiful back. $60 

Nimas Signature Exfoliating Body Scrub

Polish away dead skin with a full body exfoliation followed by a full body application of our warm herb infused healing oil.  $119 

90-min. Detox Body Wrap

Our luxurious Ayurvedic body treatment is the perfect combination to tone and firm the body by stimulating circulation, detoxifying the body with herbs and clay, and using healing oils to hydrate and firm the skin. Our body wrap is designed to help free and remove trapped waste that lays stagnant in the connective tissues. Your results will improve the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks and will allow you to feel lighter and more energized.  $149 

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*Now available to book online!

Two (2) 60-minute Float Series

Float away stress and anxiety with 2 float sessions! Services must be redeemed within 90 days, and can be shared by two people if serviced on the same day and time.  $99

**Purchase online under gift certificates**

Three (3) 60-minute Float Series

Get therapeutic relief and purchase a pack of 3 float sessions! Services must be redeemed within 90 days.  $165

**Purchase online under gift certificates**

Three (3) 60-min. Signature Massage or Float Series

Get therapeutic relief and purchase a pack of 3 massage with aromatherapy, or float sessions! Services must be redeemed within 90 days.  $225

** Purchase online under gift certificates**

Journey to Relaxation

Enjoy our 60 minute signature massage and classic facial.  $170

Quick Escape

Take a break and relax with a 30 minute float, pain stop express massage, and on-the-move facial. Allow 2 hrs to complete services $135

Journey to Balance

Regain balance with a 30 minute float session and 60 minute signature massage!  $120

Journey to A New You

Feel and look amazing after our 30 minute float session followed by  our classic facial!  $130

Journey to Relief

​Stress and pain relief at its best!  Our 60 minute float followed by our 60 minute signature massage.  $140

Journey to Ultimate Peace

The ultimate Nimas experience! Enjoy a 60 minute float, followed by our 60 minute signature massage and a signature classic facial. $230

Massage Add-ons

*All Add-ons are booked at the time of service and can ONLY be purchased with a massage.


Transform your massage into an even more relaxing experience by adding aromatherapy oils. $10

Hand and Foot Scrub

Take your massage even further by polishing away the dead skin from your hands and feet $15

Exfoliating Back Scrub

Polish away the dead skin from hard to reach places on your back. Great for back acne and dark spots! $20

Full Body Deep Tissue

Add a more intense touch to your massage to release chronic muscle tension $25

Skincare Add-ons

*Must be booked with a Facial

Hydro (Water) or Diamond Microdermabrasion

Designed to deeply exfoliate and help with congested,dull and blemished skin. The outermost layer of skin is abraded with a hand-held device that emits a strong blast of water or aluminum oxide crystals onto the skin.  Additional $54

Also available as a stand alone 30 minute treatment (see Microdermabrasion Treatment)

Chemical Peel

Add a pineapple and papaya chemical peel to your signature facial for an extra glow! This citrus blend promotes cell turnover, rejuvenates, brightens and balances skin tone. Additional $35

Deep Skin Scrubber

An ultrasonic skin scrubber that is minimally invasive providing a deeper cleaning with the removal of deep skin dirt and clearing of blackheads. Additional $15

Oxygen Infused Therapy

Oxygen and atomized moisturizers are sprayed onto the skin using a steam of pressurized oxygen. A serum containing active nutrients and vitamins are delivered as a soothing mist and infused into the skin.This treatment hydrates the skin and gives immediate and undeniable results! Additional $35

Beard Steaming & Hot Oil Treatment

Add moisture and a natural glow to your beard by adding steam and a beard oil to your Gentlemen's facial. Made with natural essential oils, this blend helps to maintain stubble hairs, and stimulates hair growth while giving you a soft and polished look. Additional $15


Eyelashes: Strips $10; Clusters $35; Lash Extensions $120

Makeup: Formal $60; Bridal $85

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** 30-minute massages are 30-minutes of hands on body work! **

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